Honourable Mention - Best Writer ('One of a Kind' Section) Canadian National Magazine Awards.

Nomination - Best Writer ('Travel' Section) Canadian National Magazine Awards.

Coop Coup Toronto Standard

Vin de Bucket Toronto Standard

Time I Got Me A Shed Toronto Standard

Fatal Light Toronto Standard

MASS LBP Toronto Standard

Is the Gentleman Dying? Toronto Standard

One Man's Meat Toronto Standard

Mountain High re:porter (Porter Airlines)

Pilot Scheme re:porter (Porter Airlines)

In Safe Hands re:porter (Porter Airlines)

Watching the Skies re:porter (Porter Airlines)

Whistle While You Work re:porter (Porter Airlines)

A New Departure re:porter (Porter Airlines)

Palm Beach Dispatch Broken Atlas

How to be a Perfect Gentleman SHARP Magazine

Adventures with Little People SHARP Magazine

48 Hours in Munich SHARP Magazine

48 Hours in Barcelona II SHARP Magazine

To a Tee SHARP Magazine

48 Hours in Montreal SHARP Magazine

48 Hours in Whitehorse SHARP Magazine

From Russia, with no love lost. The Globe and Mail

Do you miss the Stasi, too? The Globe and Mail

Don Corleone Meets Daffy Duck The Globe and Mail

Go East Young German The Globe and Mail

Winning Suit VOGUE GQ / Toro Magazine

Eat Like The Locals National Post

Taxis of the World National Post

48 Hours in Barcelona National Post

Will Publishers Perish The Globe and Mail

A Witch called Tito The Globe and Mail / Outpost Magazine /Flux Magazine.

Chihuahuas in Chihuahua The Globe and Mail

Race of the Demons Outpost Magazine

A Walk on the Weird Side National Post & Outpost Magazine

Point Me SouthNational Post & Outpost Magazine

Moon Walk National Post & Outpost Magazine

New Zealand's Highway 35 Outpost Magazine

The Other Side of the Carribean National Post & Outpost Magazine

Wish You Were Here Outpost Magazine

From Sheep to Chic

The Death of a Natural Wonder Outpost Magazine

The Flight of Los Majados Outpost Magazine

History of the Passport Outpost Magazine

The Eco Isle

You've got to roll with it

Fancy a Cuppa Maté?

The Perils of Road Signs Abroad

Look alikes in Laos Outpost Magazine

Up the Jungle

Oaxaca Cuisine Outpost Magazine

Los Jaraneros de Las Tuxtlas Outpost Magazine

Testosterone, Mescal and Paul McCartney Outpost Magazine

Laos Diary Outpost Magazine

Don't Drink & Fry

Going Commando Outpost Magazine

Race to the Pole Outpost Magazine

Road Trips

Urban Organics Outpost Magazine