By Edward Wilkinson Latham

HOST: Welcome to Antiques Roadshow. This week from Stratton on the Fosse in Somerset.

EXPERT: Well it a lovely piece. Any family history?

OWNER: I’ve got a brother. He drives the combine. He’s my brother.

EXPERT: Do you know what it is?

OWNER: It’s been in the barn for years. The chickens use it. You can see there.

EXPERT: Yes, well we are all very pleased that you have brought this in. It was made in Russia you see, I’d say around 1889, 1890 and I’ve only actually seen one of these once before at an auction in Moscow. It’s quite astonishing. I can’t quite believe that you had it in your barn.

OWNER: Well I did.

EXPERT: Well its remarkable because it’s a Faberge egg carton you see. Do you know how much its worth.

OWNER: Well I charge £1.50 for a dozen eggs and I usually just throw in them boxes for free. I’ve got loads of them. So £1.60?

EWL 2006